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Image of The Quartering Act of 1765


Python as OOP

  • Python can be considered an OOP language
  • Python does not natively support “private variables”, “interfaces”, “final definitions”, “abstractions”, or other common OOP functionalities.
  • Python also does not require that…


Functional Programming

o   Given the same input will always return the same output
o   Must have a base criterion – a condition in which when met, closes the recursion and returns a resulto   Must actively move toward the base criteriono   Often a function will call itself carrying the latest value to the next call via method signature or parameters until the base criterion is met
o   States that you can replace a value in an expression without changing its behavioro…

o   Baseline JavaScripto   When googling answers good to google with Vanilla if you are working with a Framework
o   Angular, React, Vue, Ember, Express, Next

Event Delegation

§  Blank term for Event Capturing & Event Bubbling§  Propagation is bidirectional and can be broken up into three phases- Capture Phase: window to the event target parent; In this phase only “capturers” are called: registered with true as the third parameter of addEventListener (which is default set to false)- Target Phase: the event target…


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