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Now, I am not going to be righteous about “this is the right answer”, but I’m looking at the problem and see a solution. Not saying others have not seen the solution, but from a certain perspective, this might be the right way.

a) Two “pulls”, one on the rear, one on the stern; in opposing directions; concurrently.

b) The “pull” on the rear should account for the fact the “puller” is going against the current. Eg. Force applied on Rear Pull should be GTE to the Force applied on Stern Pull. Leverage being the concept that the further away…


Coding, Software Engineering, Wrangling Data — whatever umbrella CS covers — can be a game of thesaurus.

I’ve learned my skills from four areas:

(1) On my own

(2) In Academia

(2) By Teaching

(3) By Working

I know a fair amount about this digital world, but I am not always best at producing the term attached to the definition.

I find that a lot of my knowledge is implicit, and more driven by experience and curiosity than references to terminology. But there came a time where I needed to know the jargon. This time around, it’s a lot easier.

This story is a part of — My CS Notebook

MySQL is a relational database that can serve as an example of what one might find when working with databases. Why NoSQL, Document-based, and SQL styles vary, they do share a significant amount in common.

I do think it is worth mentioning that MySQL Server is written in C (source code here) and in most cases is just implemented as a delegate Linux instance or cluster.

The following is an overview of some of the most frequently used tools in MySQL

MySQL Basic Queries

Below is a “gist” of example…

This story is a part of — My CS Notebook

Python is a wonderful language, known for its ease of use and ability to tackle complex problems. Part of what makes Python so friendly is, unlike more type-strict languages, memory allocation is limited to the machine the runtime is on, not by the language itself or definition within the code.

These notes are less total language detail and more language overview.

Python as OOP

  • Python can be considered an OOP language
  • Python does not natively support “private variables”, “interfaces”, “final definitions”, “abstractions”, or other common OOP functionalities.
  • Python also does not require that…

This story is a part of — My CS Notebook


Inheritance Types

OOP supports Encapsulation; inheritance is a way for class first OOP languages to communicate and interact.

Single Inheritance

Multiple Inheritance

This story is a part of — My CS Notebook

Functional Programming

Pure Functions

o   Given the same input will always return the same output


o   Must have a base criterion – a condition in which when met, closes the recursion and returns a resulto   Must actively move toward the base criteriono   Often a function will call itself carrying the latest value to the next call via method signature or parameters until the base criterion is met

Referential Transparency (Substitution Principle)

o   States that you can replace a value in an expression without changing its behavioro…

This story is a part of — My CS Notebook

Vanilla JS

o   Baseline JavaScripto   When googling answers good to google with Vanilla if you are working with a Framework

JavaScript Framework

o   Angular, React, Vue, Ember, Express, Next

Event Delegation

Event Propagation

§  Blank term for Event Capturing & Event Bubbling§  Propagation is bidirectional and can be broken up into three phases- Capture Phase: window to the event target parent; In this phase only “capturers” are called: registered with true as the third parameter of addEventListener (which is default set to false)- Target Phase: the event target…

This story is a part of — My CS Notebook


- Worst Case: Access: O(1); Search O(n); Insertion O(n);  Deletion O(n);- Best Case: Access: O(1); Search O(n); Insertion O(n);  Deletion O(n);o   Meant to store data (usually of the same type) in consecutive memory locations.o   If the United States was an Array, each state (value) would be a member from a memory standpoint because they border of each state (value) would be touching.

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